Recording tracks can not be exported

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During our trip for the second time on a new tomtom we recorded tracks during our trip. Now we try to use those tracks to reconstruct the trip and guess.
As well as on the tom tom 500 this brand new tomtom has the same error.
When a track has been recorded sometimes you can view it back in your tomtom, you also should be able to export to a micro sd card. Well i have been able to export one short track all the others, are failing.
The tracks are not stored in the mydrive so.. when you are not able to recover, they are unusable. Who has also this experience and a solution for this issue?


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    If the tracks are on your SD, why not simply pull the SD and read it on a PC or Mac? Or you can try exporting via a USB cable to a Mac or PC. If you can get one track, you should be able to find all of them. The contents are human readable. If the track files look reasonable, there you are.
  • eelcodegraaff
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    Hi the tracks are in the ToTom, te procedure is: Add an empty and formatted microsd card in the tomtom, then select tracks and then export, that way they are exported to the sd card and then you can take it out and use the files for further examination or imports.

    Recently the servicedesk informed me, when the recording files are bigger than 2 gb, you will never be able to process them at all.

    So the issue is:
    tomtom should make a message the file can not be larger and start a new recording track before maximal file size. Or warn the driver to close the recording and start a new one.

    Seems what i received i can make the conclusion all my holiday tracks are unusable.