Lost all my data following a flat charge using my car USB port

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My lovely Tom Tom2 runner following a regular charge was completely flat for some reason, very strange, I then used my car USB port to charge while travelling. It’s now requesting data as if I was a new user Starting with selecting language and connecting to a PC, What should I do, I cannot bear the thought of losing 2 years of almost daily performance. I up date weekly via the App and connect to Strava.

My question what should I do, suggestion but need professional guidance prior is could I use my PC and would the software reload all stored data from my account??????

Will worry about the music situation another day

Help me please,



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    The car charger reset the watch partially. You need to follow the prompts on the watch to reset it. You will not lose anything it is all backed up to MySports every time you sync. All you see on the watch is historical summary data for the last 10 activities and daily activity for the last 2 weeks, everything else is cleared each time you sync. The music is separate partition and will not be impacted by a reset.

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