Issues With My Tom Tom Start 20 - Not Powering On

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Hi All,

So I have the Tom Tom Start 20, and I'm thinking its because it because it's out of power, The Current Charger lead I know works because I've tried it on a similar device plugged into my computer and I've pressed the power button for 15 seconds to reset it, and it still doesn't fire up.

So currently charging the device on a mains power for a while to see if there's any sign of life.

Anyone had any similar issues?



  • Zappy
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    Yes I have the same issue with a go2050 (I think it's a go1005 in other countries). The charger lead is ok because the top power button glows with ignition power.

    You have to hold the power button down for 5 second to reboot power on. This take about 45seconds to power on. annoying . My first Tom Tom did it and I think it was replaced under warranty. This is the best and easiest Tom tom to read and use. I don't like the interface of the later units.

    I think it's an internal fault.