Runner Cardio watch not re-charging

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my Cardio Runner Watch has stopped re-charging.
When connected to the charger docking station, the watch screen shows the battery-charging image as normal. But when the battery fully-charged image appears on the screen and the watch is removed from the charger, the battery-empty image appears on the screen briefly, before it goes blank.
Also, the watch itself feels warm, as if the power is going into the watch circuit but not into the battery.
The watch is 2 years old, but up to now I've had no problems charging the watch, this problem has come out of the blue.
I hope you can help.


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    It could be a dead (or dying battery) and since the watch is out of warranty there is nothing you can do about that. Just in case try a factory reset and check the dock for damaged or bent pins (pry them loose if they are depressed or bent) and the contacts on the watch for dirt or tarnish (clean them with a cloth or eraser). If these do not fix it you can try contacting Support but being out of warranty there is not much they can do beside sell you a new watch, which would be a mistake considering TT Sports went out of business over a year ago and ceased all production and development. If the watch needs to be replaced go with a brand that is still active in the industry.

    I hope this helps answer your question. If so, please mark it as a solution so others can look for it if they have the same question.