Tomtom runner 3 watch strap broken again...

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I've had this watch almost a year and the strap has broken once again. They seem to last 5-6months and then they break. This isn't great. Now I have to do a repair job with tape so I can use my watch so I can log my runs which I do frequently.
I logged the request for a new strap and get a response online saying that my warranty isn't valid and cannot request one, but then get an automatic email response saying it is being taken care of. How do I handle this seemingly contradictory information? Will it or won't it be replaced? And shocking that a strap can't last 6months without completely falling apart. da7901b5-de08-4e8c-9488-d4aa326188dc.jpg


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    The warranty on the original strap that came with the watch is 1 year, like the watch. On a replacement strap it is 6 months. I have never seen damaged like you have there, it usually comes apart elsewhere. My guess is you are tugging really hard on it to tighten and loosen it, putting too much strain on the rubber. Agreed that they should last longer but they don't due to poor manufacturing (a primary reason why TT Sports went out of business over a year ago). At this point you can contact Support directly but I am guessing the answer will be no if it is over 6 months old, but they may send you one anyway if you ask nicely. They are getting hard to find considering all production ceased over a year ago so I would act quickly.

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