Start 25 update broken touchscreen. Calibration out.

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Mums visiting over the Christmas period and had trouble with her start 25 on the way down, went back to menu several times on the journey down. The Satnav is essential because she gets lost going to the end of her road. :)

We have updated it but the update appears to have altered the screen calibration, its way off.

Depending on which way up the device is, TomTom logo on the left ..
Pressing A gets an F and pressing L gets an L or a .

Turning it over with the logo on the right and pressing L gets a J but the A gets the A.

Compared the figures on the Black and White configuration screen to others i managed to google and it appears the Calibration figures are way off the mark.

My screen data is... 8076 -19 -638664 -61 4978 -1421592 65536.

The screen data i googled shows.
8087 -3 -889788 11 4862 -1264808 65536, the person that posted this had a slight calibration issue with some letters not quite being in the right position but my screen is miles out.

Some shorter buttons cannot be pressed at all unless you turn the unit upside down.

Tried rolling back the update, but it appears to have done 2 updates and wont roll back both of them.

Please help, she needs the Satnav to go back home fairly soon.

Thanks in Advance.



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    My tomtom Start 52 has lost screen calibration totally, and I couldn't select anything on the bottom part of the screen. I tried using the sd card and created a calib.txt or cal.txt but either file worked. Can someone help please?