Trucker 6000 national road speed limits issue for 7.5 ton truck

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This is an update to an unresolved issue I raised here a year ago and was told it would get fixed but now several updates since no further forward. See the original issue at the link below;

It's nearly 2 years on from my initial reporting of this issue directly to customer services who were extremely unhelpful and impolite to say the least, so I waited for a resolution which didn't come so used this discussion forum to highlight the issue once again and I year on from reporting this issue (which I did get one reply above but nothing to the requested follow up) and now several updates and maps updates, still no change. I gets very annoying listening to speed warnings as if I were driving 44ton truck rather than having the correct speed limits for a 7.49 ton truck I have to say the routing are fine. I don't want to turn off the speed limits warnings sound but even if I did you are alerted on the screen too. This goes onto effect fixed speed camera areas too.

When I've been feeling a bit broken myself from the issue I have chosen a bus but the speed limits on that are faster and the route choices can be baffling, for some unknown reason it can take you away form an A road on to a B road and the route is neither shorter or quicker in fact its longer slightly on both counts which confuses me more and although I don't get the correct speed warnings when bus is the vehicle type selected because it is apparently the same as a car. I can’t setup as a van either because the routing and timings are all wrong as it doesn't allow for a lorry's inability to accelerate quickly and the average time to negotiate junctions etc., which truck and bus vehicle types do.

Can someone explain to me why after all this time this issue has not been resolved after all its not just me there may be lots of other users with 7.5ton lorrys out there who would benefit for this being resolved and extremely quickly I'm tired of getting fobbed off.

Let's see how long it takes to get a generic pass the buck and wait and see type reply from TOMTOM again!!!


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    I raised an issue on the forums for advanced lane guidance not working nearly 2 years ago and despite the fact that tomtom admitted the fault and could see the cause it still hasn't been fixed...must be the slowest company in the world for fixing faults and if you ask for updates on the issue you just get constantly ignored by the forum staff....
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    I drive a charter bus, when I have my tom tom 620 set to bus - navigation won't allow direction on a bus allowed roads constantly trying to get me off or turn around. I find this very annoying as I bought this device with this intention and it doesn't live up to why I purchased it. Tom tom does not give school zones when using this setting either, but it does for a car.
    When is tom tom going to get things right, as I cannot recommend the device at all.