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TomTom VIa 120 Live

I've had this TomTom 120 Live for quite a while now and it's worked faultlessly since day 1.

It still works perfectly fine today. I swear by TomTom, I would never buy another form of Sat Nav.

Until now.

I can't update my maps because of the model I have. TomTom want me to go out and spend hundreds of pounds on a new one, when the one I have is working perfectly fine?

What sort of signal does this put out to potential buyers? To me it says "Buyers Beware". Because TomTom could update their range and leave you high and dry.

I pay good money every year to get my updates. That's money going into TomTom's bank account. Or should I say I used to?

Most smart phones these days have Google Maps which has a built in Sat Nav, and guess what? It's free to use. The only trouble is, when you are using it, you have to hope and prey someone doesn't call you at a critical moment on your journey.

This is where TomTom is missing out on. Valued customers they've had for many a year, not wanting to buy a new Sat Nav, because their old one is working perfectly fine, and is a perfect example of reliability.

Having updates, no matter how old your Sat Nav is, is still bringing in the money, and when money is tight and profit margins are small, the LAST thing you want to do is drive people away to free alternatives.
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