No street names shown after voice search on Via 51

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I have exactly the same problem as this question, and I'm also in Australia.

So when i say "hello tom tom" -
i say "go to an address"
then i say "123 Good street Brisbane"

it then shows me option, but without street names ?? eg:

1- 123
2 - 123
3- 123

The other post says this happened to them after a map update, but I have always experienced this problem since buying this device January 2017.

I updated to the 1020 maps a few days ago, and have this problem with all map and navcore update over the last 2 years I've had this device. Just updated to latest navcore. (Lifetime maps subscription, so I update with every release.)

I have just done a factory reset, to make traffic work again, and the problem persists. Have done many drumroll resets over the years.

Each time there's an update I assume it's a common problem and will be fixed in next update, and then forget to mention it! Presumably it's not a common issue - can anyone else in Australia confirm they don't have this problem when doing voice search?