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Hello all

We've just released a new software update v18.202.0024 for the RIDER 4x/4x0 and RIDER 500/550 devices; it's available for download in MyDrive Connect(Non WiFi devices) and for WiFi devices under Updates & New Items menu.

Release notes:

Bug fixes and improvements:

Various performance improvements and bug fixes have been implemented.

Drive safe!

Vikram ?


  • basfluijt
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    Hey @VikramK ,

    Thanks for the update, can you guys in future reference be more specific on what you managed to improve or fix? I know you are working hard on the updates, so why not share some more details about it? Some transparency helps the community understand just how much work these updates are.

    That way we now what to look out for and give feedback to you guys if we encounter some issues/bugs related to the update :grinning:

    Thanks for sharing! :thumbsup_tone1:

  • 954dk
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    Take a look here mate:

    Merry Christmas :-)
  • tvieira
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    just a suggestion: Can TomTom let us setup a user password for the Rider? I usually left the device on my motorcycle and sometimes people like to "give it a test run". It is a major privacy issue as we have "home" and "work" defined on the device.

    I had a TomTom Europe and I remember that you could setup a password so I do not see this to be a problem to configure this on the Rider version.

  • VStrom-1k
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    W.R.T Password-protection for the Rider:
    Your home location is not only a privacy issue; showing your home address to anybody who knows how to operate the Rider can easily find out that you're obviously not at home right now. A friendly invitation to burglars and thieves.
    Aside from this, I don't like the idea that anybody can press buttons on the Rider anytime, drop routes, read my email-address, purge maps, even reset the device to factory default.
    Nice moment when you return from the restaurant and want to continue the tour... what tour??

    In addition to a pin/password lock: What about unlocking the device automatically when
    • you're within a small radius around home (and work) location.
    • your smartphone is in reach -> Think about integration with the MyDrive App.
    All should/could be configurable. If you (TT) just want it.
  • basix
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    already asked a few times.
    quoting myself 3,5 years ago:
    I also find it a bit problematic that the device itself has no pin code protection or whatsoever. E.g. while you're having a drink at a gas station, you'd probably leave your tomtom secured with the anti-theft thingy on your bike. Anyone can turn on the tomtom and see what your home address is, or wherever you're navigating to. Call me paranoid, but some people have really nice bikes, and 'bike-jackers' are nothing new. An additional lock might seem annoying for some people, but with some kind of 'trusted device connected' mode it could unlock itself automatically when the headset and/or phone are connected. That should make it quite user friendly.
  • VStrom-1k
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    I asked for the same setup 2 1/2 years ago in the German TT forum, when realizing that the highend satnav solution for bikers, the Rider 410, didn't provide even basic security features like for example the Garmin zumo 660 which I used before the Rider.
    Still no password/pin to date..

    Just joking: Wait for the "Alexa" integration besides "Siri" and "Ok, Google" and have some idiot tell the Rider:
    "Alexa, switch on all lights at home and unlock the door. Say hello to the moving services."

    See: I can do all of that today. Protect my device, navigation, routing, talk to Google, Siri and Alexa, unlock my device with password or finger-print or trusted-device mode, even just by looking at my device.
    Just not on my TT Rider. But on my smartphone.
    You get the idea?
  • Jejapi
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    Dear VikramK,

    Does this update solve the fact that - as dutch support mentions - services are only available when the rider is connected to your phone through bluetooth/mydrive? (they explicitly state services will not be available when connected through hotspot - which connection I haven't been able to set up anyway..)
  • edwinstam1985
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    Sadly, my comment... Wait, sorry, my profile was deleted.

    ut im back. So could you pease update us with what specific tomtom rider problems are fixed with this update? Since the update is for a big range of devices (not only the rider).

    Bluetooth problems (TomTom 550 and Cardo Freecom 4) are still not solved (which I made topic for, but was removed)...
  • Prippie
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    hoarse voice still exists in this version... :s