Want Lifetime traffic and maps without smartphone intergration

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I'd like an older version model of tomtom sat nav, built in traffic and lifetime maps. Not interested in getting traffic via phone or extra Bluetooth functionality. Are all these models no longer available because no longer supported?


  • LC123
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    I would caution against any TomTom with in built SIM. The problem is TomTom (unless they've changed recently) haven't seen fit to upgrade the mobile hardware in them, so it is stuck using 2G. Some places have had 2G turned off completely by Vodafone so they stop working, and in other areas 2G spectrum is being re-purposed to 4G meaning 2G coverage just becomes more patchy.

    I'm not sure if the SIM equipped devices are then able to connect for data to a smartphone and continue working if they lose 2G.

    You are better off getting one that connects to your smart phone, I know that isn't always convenient for some people, and it also has issues for some people. EE using IPv6 causes unreliable behaviour.