RIDER 550 voices sexist

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OK I'm not on a Political Correctness rant here but...

Why is it that none of the male voices in English or Spanish can support street names?

Something to think about, TomTom. (Ooooohhh, double male name! [/ big wink and laugh])

Also, is there a better forum area for product suggestions?


  • Niall
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    You can have an English (UK) male computer voice "Malcolm" or "Tom" (English US) but there is not a male Spanish one

    Contact customer services to arrange a special download via WiFi if they are not on your device

    :flag_us: United States
    Monday - Friday: 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. EST
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    I now have Malcom and Tom (about 60 to 70 Mb each!) and will be receiving a German male and female voice, too.

    I called support and received the files, via my email and WiFi connection. Yea!
  • RBEmerson
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    I then asked if there are German voices that give street names. Out of the box, the German voices don't give street names.

    There are Anna and Yannick voices, which I got the same way I got Tom and Malcolm.

    Oh my, Anna and Yannick are grayed out - I can't use them. Why is that? Change the 550's language from English to German and Guten Tag Anna und Yannick. Fantastisch!

    As @Niall said, the downloads are done the same way updates are done.

    I asked if there's a way to remove, for example, the Arabic voices (past "inshallah" I'm clueless) and the Czech voices (not my strongest language). Nope. They're burned into the 550. What if I don't like Tom (sounds a little too "Mr. Roboto" for my liking) or Malcolm? I can't remove them, but support can. Woohoo!

    Each of downloaded voices uses 50 to 70 Mb. If it looks as though you need space for a map set, have support remove the downloaded voices you don't want. But forget removing Kurdish or Farsi. [/ wink]