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HSP volume control?

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I finally got my Rider 550 and I've started to do all of the needed setups. One of them is Bluetooth links and headset (Sena 20S). I cleared all BT pairings from the 20S, and removed the 20S pairing on the phone. I re-established the phone-headset pairing (nothing new here). I then paired the headset and Rider 550. That went well enough. The connection is HSP connection. The 20S doesn't have a second A2DP channel, so it's HSP or nothing.

At the moment, the headset hears my phone playing music, and a voice from the 550. I've opened the voice selection and pick a new voice to force the 550 to "speak". And here's where the wheels fall off.

There's no gain control for the 550 - 20S link. The sound is at 100% and that's it. There's no obvious gain control to back off the loud voice. I've come up with a somewhat effective workaround of boosting the phone's audio level so I can turn down the 20S' overall volume. But this really just a workaround.

There's no volume slider in the quick settings page. Is there any way to drop the volume of the voice coming from the 550? I think that much of the problem comes from HSP limitations, but maybe not?


  • YamFazManYamFazMan Posts: 19,215

    You can only only adjust the volume by using the Headset volume controls + You can only only adjust the volume when the instructions are actually being spoken

  • RBEmersonRBEmerson Posts: 60 [Outstanding Explorer]
    [...]You can only only adjust the volume when the instructions are actually being spoken

    I'm not sure I understand the above. Is there a 550 volume control that appears only when the 550 is "speaking"?

    The more I look into this, more I suspect that, somehow, the fault is tied to using an HSP link. I'm going to try to coerce an A2DP link to my headset. The question becomes what will happen if I can force an A2DP connection with my headset.

    All of that said, I'm still puzzled about the fact there's no way to accomplish an internal volume control for BT HSP links. Particularly as the 550 is going to be connected with a HSP link.

    Unfortunately the Sena 20S has only room for one A2DP connection and at least one, possibly two, HSP links. The 20S EVO does have space for two A2DP links. Somehow spending +/- $250 for a 550 volume control is a bit ...um... odd.
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    (1)... On the Rider 550 there isn't a dedicated slider for the Headset volume
    (2)... You set the Headset volume using the buttons on the Headset
    (3)... The Volume can only be set/changed when the Rider 550 is actually speaking a driving instruction
    (4)... Once set the volume will remain at that setting... To change the volume see bullet-point (2) & (3)

  • RBEmersonRBEmerson Posts: 60 [Outstanding Explorer]
    Um, I don't follow item 2 fully.

    As things stand now, my only volume management choice is to turn the headset volume down at any time (including 550 is totally turned off and not sleeping). The problem with that is, of course, everything going to the speakers is now quieter. Unfortunately, I can get my phone up to a volume that's lower than anything else. That is, turn the volume down to hear the 550 cleanly and the phone becomes hard to hear.

    If I understand what you're saying:while the 550's talking (sure would be nice to have a long voice sample...), turn the headset's volume down, and it turns down only the 550. That is, turning the headset volume goes to the 550 and sets it at a lower volume.

    The only problem with that scenario is that it doesn't work. At least with 20S.

    I started the 20S. It connected to my phone (A2DP) and 550 (HFP). I used the "select voice" panel, tapped Samantha to get her sound sample. That gave me a few seconds to twiddle with the 20S volume. I turned it down and... oops, the music went with it. Not Good. Turn the volume back up for the music and... loud Samantha again. :(

    Either the 20S can't do HFP correctly or I've missed something.
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