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I have done a warm up, I put the watch to run and then i wait and nothing is that all about..darn annoying, can anyone shed some light on why the spark 3 does that?


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    It could be waiting for satellites or HR, which of the symbols is flashing? For HR if it is not a Cardio model make sure HR is set for External under Settings if you are using a chest strap. if it is a Cardio model, make sure it is not set for External if you are not wearing a chest strap. If it is satellites, are you updating the QuickGPS file a minimum of every three days by syncing the watch? This caches the expected satellite locations and makes for quicker attainment. Also, do not try to get signal while moving, you are just making it harder on the watch. Best to just sit still with the button pointing skyward (or take it off and place it on a flat surface) until it finds the GPS. Make sure the watch is in an unobstructed area without large buildings, tree cover or reflective surfaces as this will cause a lot of interference. It will also take longer the first time you are in a new location but will speed up thereafter as it caches the location data for that spot. Once you get the Go it is best to give it another minute or two as Go is just the minimum satellites locked on. The longer you wait the more it will grab and the better your signal will be.

    I hope this helps answer your question. If so, please mark it as a solution so others can look for it if they have the same question.
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    Thank you, makes perfect sense, I have not charged it for a few days, still charge, so once i plugged it in, and then tried again it connected immediately. Now I know i will not forget, thank you. I thought it was waiting for my heart rate to be a certain number, but waiting for satellite makes more sense, there was a flashing symbol on the far top left of the watch. Spark 3