No GPS in speed camera app overlay

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Speed camera app works great in map view but when I switch to overlay view (eg when navigating with Google maps), the GPS signal goes after about 2 minutes. Google maps is always ok. So for some reason, overlay disables gps location access for speed camera only. Android 7.1. All settings allowing data, location, storage, agree etc. Any suggestions?c75610ed-6b04-4659-86c7-4615bfdb9574.png


  • lampard
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    Hi PatrickDenby,

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    Is the Location mode on your phone set to High Accuracy? You can find this on your phone under Settings> Location>Mode.

    If this is already enabled, please go to the Settings menu on App> select Traffic information> untick the 'Jam information while driving' option. Once this is done, give it a test run and let us know if that works!

    Cheers, lampard
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    Your post appears to be a bit too old to be the same problem as mine, but check this discussion out, it may help:-
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