Via 1505M used for many years now comes up as Start 25

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I still have the original box, calling it a Via 1505M. Bought in Canada and used ever since. All updates went to it as Via 1505. Now with the latest update from December 8th, it's suddenly recognized as a ''Start 25''. The update worked, so I'm wondering what happened.
As a second question: since I have Europe and Canada US/Mex on ''LIfeTime'', but this device needs more memory to accommodate Europe, what is the best micro-chip to use? I have tried a few times with an Kingston SD Micro, but the map would not load, even though the chip was shown on the device as being there and empty.


  • dhn
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    Supposedly, up to a 32 gb card should work but I find a 16 gb SanDisk brand (class 10 speed) is a reliable choice.

    Same model devices have different names in different countries. As long as your device gets the updates it should, I wouldn't worry if it now shows as a Start 25.

    Mind you, do make sure the flag on the MyDriveConnect screen is set for Canada.
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    Thanks, but have not had luck with a card. Would recognize it but not allow a map to go onto it. I have re-asked the question again, just in case someone has a specific make in mind.