TomTom Runner suddenly turns off

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despite the battery being charged, the device suddenly switches off and then no longer shows signs of life.this does not always happen because in some training sessions The drums can also last 3 4 5 6 workouts without switching off.the device to resume life when the attack on the charger but with date and time completely unpacked.
I have already tried to do a reset But the problem after a while 'reappears again so I ask for the replacement of the product.
safe in your quick response in your excellent support I salute you and wish you a good day


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    It sounds like the watch is dying. If it is under warranty contact Support, if not you are pretty much out of luck as there is no repair service. And since TT Sports went out of business a year ago you do not want to buy another one. Time to move onto another brand that is still active in the industry in that case.

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