TOMTOM 6100 Voices - Serena

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I had to make space so removed the voices from my TOMTOM 6100 to install the latest Europe and Uk maps. I have a external 32Gb memory card but cannot install Serena voice onto the TomTom now. I need that voice to give full voice coverage. Does anyone know how to put it on please?


  • VikramK
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    Hi @SF331

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    A 32GB memory card is a bit too much I guess because a 16GB should suffice to accommodate any recent map updates.

    At the moment TomTom only allows you install map only a memory card, voices can only be installed on the internal memory of the device.

  • SF331
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    When the memory card is inserted you have the choice to format for maps and voices together or something else I can't remember now. Tom Tom sees the card and I can down load other voices to the memory card, its just I want full navigation voice Serena which give street names etc and for some reason that voice won't go onto to card.
    If the map is so big that I can't have any voice then what is the point of the sat nav.
    I suppose another question is how go I move Europe and UK maps onto my memory card so that I can download Serena onto the internal memory.