Purchased and Installed European Map - Did not work in France! Start 25

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I purchased online and installed European Maps for my TomTom Start 25 and installed it onto a new top of the range memory card which I also installed on my TomTom.

I installed all the recommended updates for my TomTom Start 25 and purchased online the additional European Map upgrade. It all took a while to install.

It all seemed to install okay without any errors.

When I went to France the TomTom did not display the the European Map and I could not use the TomTom.

I'm back in the UK now and want to know whey the European Map did not work on my TomTom. Especially after shedding out all that money and installing all the recommended updates.

Anyone got any ideas ?



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    Re... NAV3 Start 25
    On the screen where you enter your city/postcode
    Screen top right is a Flag Icon... Tap the Flag Icon
    Type Fra or as much of the countries name ie... France to put the French map Icon at the top of the list
    Tap the French Flag Icon
    Now you can enter your French Address
    The French map will now be the default Map

    If you plan a trip to another Country you will have to change the Map as above to suit
    Don't forget to switch back to the UK Map on your return