New Go Basic, where is Prepare route?

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My old XXL had a neat, simple feature called 'Prepare route' that allowed you to quickly sort out a route for use the following day. There is nothing like this in my new Go Basic or the phone app and what I take to be the replacement is fiddly to use and the results are rubbish to put it mildly.
For instance, I just tried to plan a route from Calais to Dijon using the phone app. It looked fine so I sent it to the Go Basic and that's when it all fell apart. The Go decided it wasn't a route from Calais to Dijon but from my Surrey home to Dijon!!!! There was nothing I could do to force it to start in Calais so the distance and time calculations I was looking for were just so much rubbish.
What use is forward planning if this is the result? Why can it not just plan between two selected places and not add in the extra from your current location to the real starting point?
I really enjoyed using my old XXL and trusted it implicitly but now I'm wishing I'd bought another manufacturers device.


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    Thanks for the suggestion but it doesn't work for me. I've tried with both the Android version of MyDrive and the web version. Have tried putting in a sacrificial stop, eg: Plan a route from the Chunnel terminal in Calais to Dijon then add a stop 100yds from the Chunnel. Send to the Go Basic but it still insists I'm leaving from Guildford in Surrey. Also tried a route from Guildford to Dijon then added a stop in Calais - still started from Guildford when I sent it with stops.

    Even if it worked trying to set this up on the phone app is near impossible. ANyone know another way to fix this C#*p software?
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    Working fine here....
    Are you completing bullet-points (6) & (7)

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    Hi again YamFazMan,
    OK I agree this rather clumsy workaround works when using the web app but not on the Android phone app, even if I add two stops soon after my intended start point.

    I planned a route from Guildford to Portsmouth, added two stops in Guildford and sent the route. On the tomtom the route started from my current location, went 7 miles north to Guildford then turned around and went south to Portsmouth. The only thing it did lose was the original Guildford start point. So it seems I need a different workaround for the phone.
    Many thanks for sticking with me :-)