When will iOS TomTom GO and MyDrive support what3words?

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In the following TomTom announcement on 5th June 2018, TomTom and what3words announced that they will collaborate to bring what3words addressing to TomTom’s consumer and automotive customers globally, in the second half of 2018:


what3words is a simple way to talk about location. The world is divided into a grid of 3m x 3m squares and each square is assigned a unique three-word address. As such, what3words is the perfect complement to TomTom’s existing maps, allowing people to accurately find any location and share it more quickly, easily and with less ambiguity than any other system. The 3 word address for TomTom’s head office, for example, can be found at ///pancake.climbing.beaker. The easy-to-use addressing system works well in areas where traditional maps and addressing don’t – for example, off-road locations, and countries without standardized addressing systems such as India and the Middle East.

Antoine Saucier, Managing Director, TomTom Automotive, said: “Whether you’re trying to find an address in the centre of Turin, or on the streets of Tuvalu, TomTom wants to get you there quickly and efficiently. Our collaboration with what3words demonstrates our commitment to embracing new addressing technology that is easy-to-use and integrates simply into our navigation offering.”

Chris Sheldrick, CEO and co-founder of what3words adds, “We are delighted to partner with TomTom, and bring the benefits of more accurate addressing to their customers. By using what3words, drivers are able to navigate to any precise location - as specific as a side door, gate or parking spot. Equally, destinations that previously have been unaddressed now have a simple, reliable and easy to remember 3 word address.”

what3words addressing will roll-out to TomTom Consumer and Automotive customers in the second half of 2018.

I have the what3words app on my iPhone and it's very useful and it can also send a what3words location to most other SatNav apps - with the notable exception of TomTom :rage:! This is probably due to the fact that iOS GO Mobile doesn't have a URL Scheme.

So would anybody from TomTom like to tell us whether we'll see what3words addressing in iOS GO Mobile or even iOS MyDrive in 2018? Today is 6th December 2018 so you have 25 whole days left of 2018 including weekends and holidays. It's not impossible, but based on current development rate it's probably unlikely.