TomTom Warranty Length, Screen Contrast

Mike Dee
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I am on my 3rd TomTom. Each one has lasted just under 2 years before failing. TomTom have such faith in their product, the warranty lasts just 12 months!!

This time I was advised by a well know motorist supply outlet to buy Garmin as 'they are more reliable'. However after 3 TomToms I just understand how they work without thinking.

However my brand new TomTom is very much lacking in screen contrast. No matter how I change the brightness or unit tilt. I see this mentioned by others. In just under 2 years when I expect my new TomTom to fail again.....I will be purchasing GARMIN


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    @Mike Dee

    I've had my Via 120 Live & Go 825 Live since 2011 both devices still work perfectly
    My NAV4 & NAV5 (Wi-Fi) devices purchased when the models were launched still all work perfectly....