New maps v10.20 available for download



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    big said:
    I would guess you are being addressed as "Étranger" because you are unknown since you have not yet logged in. Once you log in you are no longer an "Étranger".

    It seems the language sections are still being worked out. Earlier I was stuck in the German forum but it eventually got sorted.

    Yes, that took a bit of effort to sort out! Even when sorted, it seems to want to revert to the German Version at frequent opportunities!

    Additionally it took me ages to Login (using my "normal" browser of FireFox), I eventually had to resort to Internet Explorer to make it work!!!


    Apparently, I'm "Not Authorised! to update my "Signature", nor am I authorised to change my Picture-Icon!

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    Bonjour, je peux vous dire qu'il y a grand nombre d'utilisateurs français de ce forum qui sont circonspects face à cette nouvelle interface! sur le plan graphisme c'est assez moderne, mais pas l'emploi!
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