Golfer 2 - No Sync - Backup option

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after installation of tomtom sports app i havent been able to sync the latest golfrounds.
have updated the watch to 1.2.111 and android app version on my Huawei P9 Lite running Android 7.0.
The TomTom Sports Connect (also latest update) does not seem to read the not syncronized rounds
So now i have several unsync-ed golfrounds :-(

i have removed the pairing in the bluetooth and restarted the Sports app. The app reports that migration from Golfer App.
App i waiting for a Watch pairing. When i on watch select 'Telephone' - new pairing' , then it start good and at a 6 digit code is displayed in about 2 sec and watch returns to normal screen. However App never realizes that a pairing have completed and keeps waiting for connection. I bluetooth settings, there is now an entry "Tomtom GPS Watch".

i have almost given up.

? is there a way to transfer the data from the watch to the cloud store other than via the app that can not connect to the watch ?


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    I write them down on a post it, roll them
    up and slip them under the wristband. It doesn’t work but I am calmer afterwards. Good luck.
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    In the Bluetooth settings of Android, have you made the phone forget the watch?