Same Old Sorry Story

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Trying to update my GO50. Connected it to a week old laptop and just selected the new operating system to upload before moving on to maps and mapshare. The download got to 80% and stopped. It hung there, until it eventually displayed a window which says 'No Internet Connection'.

WHAT !?!? There's nothing wrong with my internet and I can access any other website. But TomTom, you take the proverbial biscuit !! You blame anyone and everything except your pathetically inadequate systems. YOU ARE AN UTTER JOKE !! How the hell did you ever become a market leader in sat navs is beyond me.

Every time I try and update my device, it becomes a huge battle of wills that lasts hours if not days. Well I've had enough. My GO50 is going in the trash with the rest of the junk where it will feel perfectly at home.

Goodbye TomTom, hello Garmin, who will now be my Sat Nav of choice for the future


  • Paul Miller
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    As mentioned above and in previous posts, whenever I attempt to update my GO50 it becomes a stressful battle to achieve this. In the past I have said 'I've had in with TomTom' but never actually did anything about it.

    Well, today I bought a Garmin DriveSmart 61. Took it straight out of the box and attached it to my windscreen while at the retail park and set it to drive home which was faultless and impressive.

    Even more impressive, at home I connected it to my PC, it found new maps and software, and proceeded to download and install these without fuss or stress.


    I guess I'll be signing off from the TomTom forums now as I cannot see any reason why I would need to be back.

    Have fun with your devices everyone......