Avoiding Motorways

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I need option to avoid Motorways


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    Teedub wrote:
    I need option to avoid Motorways
    We do not, because we have it.
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    If you let us other users know which device you have, see https://uk.support.tomtom.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/9508/locale/en_GB
    The we can tell you how to set it up
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    [h3]NAV3 Devices....[/h3]From the main menu
    Tap (Settings)
    Left Cursor once for next page
    Tap (Route planning)
    Tap (Route Types)
    Select Ask me every time I plan
    Follow on-screen prompts to exit
    The Device will ask you the Route type every time you plan a route

    [h3]NAV4/5 Wi-Fi Devices....[/h3]Plan your journey....
    Tap 4Dot (....) Menu --> Current Route --> Change route type... Select Avoid Motorways (This change only affects the current journey)
    For most of my Routes, I use the 'Fastest Route', so I rarely need to use the Change route type option
    The Device will default back to the default journey type in the Setting menu for the next planned route