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Hello, is there a webpage with the pricing for the app, be it android or iOS? Can't seem to find one...


  • tgold
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    First download the app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store, install it and test that it works for you and with your device(s). The app and maps are freeware and fully functional with no payment for up to 75km of navigation each month. Then, if you want to subscribe to an unlimited navigation subscription, you can find the monthly or annual subscription costs in your currency with whatever taxes obtain in the app under the Menu item Upgrade. In the USA those are currently $6.99 and $21.99 for one month and one year of unlimited navigation respectively.
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    Ok, thanks for that.
    Bit strange there is no pricing anywhere else!! I checked the UK price and it's £4.99/month or £14.99/year.
  • Asprin
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    If you look on the Google Store under TomTom you will see the pricing.

    This shows Euro's but you are in the UK and will see it in Pounds

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    Hi Aspirin, yes you are right. The trouble is it's not particularly clear what those prices relate to, it's just a range. It appears downloading the app seems to be the best way.
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    Some pricing info on the website would probably be a good thing.