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Can anyone tell me a good way to plan a route with a stop along the way. If I plan a route then try to add a stop using TomTom mydrive its impossible to put it in the right place. It wants to go to the destination first then back to the halfway point.
If someone from TomTom reads this then please don't fob me off with sending me to a help page, I've tried this. I've struggled for an hour now – too long.
Is there a user (not as TomTom employee) who's has this problem and knows a solution?


  • pauljames140pauljames140 Posts: 32 [Outstanding Explorer]
    Its getting worse. It now wont let me add any stops. If I try to add a stop the option to save the route disappears.
  • Jan.Jan. Posts: 100 [Prominent Wayfarer]
    For me adding a stop to a route is just rightclick the location or POI and choose "Add Stop". Really nothing to it.

    Always a good thing to do is log off, refresh or kill your browser and start fresh.
    What browser do you use to work TT MyDrive?
    Chrome is the best to use. Rest has issues ..... sometimes.
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    Hi Jan
    Thanks for the suggestions. It worked! I tried refreshing the browser, logging off and killing the browser and this does the trick about half the time. I now have a work round. I am using Chrome btw.
    There should be nothing to it, as you say, but the proper simple steps don't work without doing all this other stuff.
    My experience of TomTom over the years has always been finding tricks to cajole it into behaving as it should. I stick with it and live with the flaky nature of Mydrive (as I suspect we all do) because the TomTom is such a great product when you can make it work properly.
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    Good it worked out that way Paul.
    But I do have to correct you on the browser and MyDrive issue. This is all your software.
    If you knew what all goes around in your browser these days you will respect software developers who need to develop tools in this environment. I have no issue what so ever with MyDrive on a Win 10 / Chrome [Version 70.0.3538.110 (Official Build) (64-bit)].
    Try to be selective of addons and protective tools within Windows and added software. It does effect the operation of it all.

    But then again, TT does have to live up to their acclaimed #1 nav tool position. And I must say ... they are challenged. If they do not adapt they will loose the market within 10 years.

    Happy driving,
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    Note... The latest version of MyDrive Web Route planner now uses a 'Send Stops' button in place of the 'Send to device' button

    Are you using 'Send to device' 'Send Stops' ??? if 'Yes'
    The MyDrive Web Route planner only sends the route to the device as a destination... Or if you add stops it send it as a route (But it's is not automatically saved in MyRoutes)

    If you are using 'Send to device' 'Send Stops' see my workaround below

    Be Aware....
    If your starting point IS NOT your present location there's a BUG
    When using the 'Send to device' option, during an "A" to "B" route transfer where 'A' IS NOT your present location... The device drops Location "A"
    This bug also applies also to Multi-Stop/Waypoint routes... 'A' to 'B' to 'C' to' D' to 'E' etc...

    For more info See...

    This is the workaround method I use....

    The Tomtom MyDrive Web Route Planner....
    Get it Here...

    (1).... Plan my Route with the MyDrive Web Route planner (With or Without Stops as required)

    (2)... Zoom in... Place a Sacrificial stop close to the Start Icon

    (4)... Choose the 'Send to device' 'Send Stops' option... The route will sync to your device

    (5)... The device will calculate your route from your 'Present location'
    (5.1)... The device will calculate your route using Stops in the order that you placed the Stops in the route
    (5.2)... If the planned Start of the Route is your 'Present location'... Then skip Bullet-point... (6)

    (6)...When the route has calculated, Pinch zoom to the correct start of your Route (The Sacrificial Stop Icon) 'Long Tap' (Tap and hold for +1 second) on the Sacrificial Stop Icon --> A quick menu opens --> Tap the 3Dot icon --> Choose 'Use as a Starting Point'
    The device will calculate your route from your new location

    (7)... Saving the Route
    'Quick Tap' anywhere on the Route --> A quick menu opens --> Tap the 3Dot icon --> Manage route --> Add to my Routes.... Edit the route name as required or simply Tap Add

    Note... (1) A 'Quick Tap' and 'Long Tap' of the screen gives different menu options
    Note... (2) The MyDrive Web Route planner will sync a route with a Max of 20 stops

  • pauljames140pauljames140 Posts: 32 [Outstanding Explorer]
    Hi YamFazMan
    Thanks for the advice. I did experiment with the Send Stops option but I couldn't make it do anything I wanted so soon gave up. I eventually managed to get a route into my device and saved it.
    I will tackle adding more stops later. I've found that adding a stop sometimes screws up the rest of the route. I keep trying until it just adds the stop without changing irrelevant parts of the route before saving it. I accidentally added a route without checking and it added all sorts of stupid diversions without me noticing. I couldn't straighten it out so deleted the route and started again.
    I now only save after checking the whole route for irrelevant diversions
  • YamFazManYamFazMan Posts: 13,187 [Superusers]

    Set your Start point first then your Destination then add Stops
    When adding Stops zoom in to max... Check you are on the correct side of a dual carriageway or motorway
    Don't accidentally put a stop on a Traffic island or up Side road

    Here's a 20 Stop .ITN Route
  • pauljames140pauljames140 Posts: 32 [Outstanding Explorer]
    Another 2 hours wasted trying to add a stop to a saved route. I have struggled with all these methods without success. Thanks for the suggestions but I cannot make anything work.
    Jan, I appreciate how difficult it is for software developers to make things work but others people manage it. The TomTom is a great product which I could not live without so I will stick with it. But MyDrive is one of the most user unfriendly sites I have ever used. I may try again to add stops to my routes but I've had enough for now.
    Is anyone else having problems and found a solution? Please no replies from TomTom employees. I need someone who knows about this problem and how to solve it
  • YamFazManYamFazMan Posts: 13,187 [Superusers]

    How are you planning your Route
    (1)... Using the Plan Route Menu
    (2)... Clicking directly on the Map

  • pauljames140pauljames140 Posts: 32 [Outstanding Explorer]
    I already have some routes which I used the plan route function to create. I saved the routes without stops because adding stops while creating a route completely messed it up and changed other parts of the route which took ages to get right.
    I have tried using the edit route function (in my routes) then adding stops. I've tried clicking on the map, adding it as a saved place then selecting it, or typing in a address. All 3 methods just put a number on the map where I want the stop but I cannot find any way to make it add the stop to the route. ("Send destination" does nothing.)
    I will probably end up creating one route to my stop, then another one from the stop to the destination. It means an extra couple of minutes when I leave the stop rather than more hours fighting mydrive, and a lot less stress.
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