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I know this topic has been covered previously but don't TomTom ever take a hint and listen to their customers. I've seen this request a couple of times and a "I'll log this as an improvement request for the product team" by TomTom personnel as far back as 2 years ago and yet nothing seems to have happened.
I've just bought a GO 620 and one of the first things I noticed is the lack of personalisation that you can make to these new units. My previous TomTom (Start 60) had loads of things that you could do to make it unique to you. The new ones have a "corporate" feel about them, and it seems like TomTom are simply saying one size fits all, take it or leave it. I logged an incorrect road speed on the 'Map Share Reporter' recently and from what I've read it could be weeks or months before that gets incorporated into future maps. I'm not sure if the info goes out instantaneously via map share to other users or whether the info even shows on my device until TomTom approve the data. The road in question has had this road speed for at least 18 months. On my previous TomTom you could change a roads speed limit on your device and it was there immediately, no waiting for approval/confirmation.
Anyway, back to the color schemes, on my previous unit I had a blue cursor which clearly stood out against the road color I had. Now using the new unit when I quickly take my eyes off the road to glance at the map display it's not instantly clear where I am because the cursor color and road color are the same. With this being the case you have to focus on the map view that little bit longer to confirm your location thus keeping your eyes off the road longer than needed which to me is a major safety issue. As the older TomTom's had the ability for users to change this then how hard can it be for the "product team" to simply reapply this 'must have' feature.


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    @Mike H.

    See page 112 of the manual
    Select Settings in the Main Menu, then select Appearance.
    Theme colour
    Select Theme colour to change the colour used in the menus, buttons and icons, and on the map.
    Tip: The current location symbol and route also change to the selected colour. You can always change back to the original colour.
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    Whatever theme color you choose it makes the road and the cursor the same color, ie both are blue or both are green etc and so you can't easily see the cursor as it blends into the road as per the attachment I included on original post where both were an identical green. There needs to be an option to change the cursor color separate from the map theme color and so for example you could have a red cursor on your travelling route which can easily be seen.749428b2-ad2e-4f9a-a76f-d8dc8cfab671.jpg