TomTom Spark 3 - DO NOT BUY!

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So last year I bought my brother and myself a Tomtom spark 3 runner each, I must first of all say the watch works fine and is quite accurate (unless driving on bumpy roads).

The biggest let down with buying these watches are the cheap (not so cheap to replace) nasty watch bands. I forked out just shy of $600 for 2 of these watches and can tell you in less than 14 months I have replaced the band 4 times myself and my brothers snapped the third time whilst swimming and he lost the whole watch.

Now I know Tomtom will say warantee blah blah wait 3 months for a band.... well that's simply not good enough, I paid over $50 per genuine replacement band because you guys didn't even sell them on your site at that time. I have spent over $1000 on these watches to which one is gone and my band today has snapped again after 3 months....

I got this product to use it, not to wait months for support.

I will be linking a youtube clip to this community thread of me smashing my watch with a hammer today as it is pointless owning a watch that continuously has this expensive problem.

To anyone thinking of buying this rubbish product please take note! Save your money! I have spent double the money replacing an item on the watch and 14 months later it's still broken.

Tomtom you ought to be ashamed of this, the technology is great the practicality of the watch band is a joke. I own a lot of tomtom products but you will never see another cent out of me.


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    You are aware that TT Sports went out of business over a year ago and stopped all production and development so there is nothing to buy, right? At this point this is widely known and all they are doing is selling out old inventory where it is even available so anyone who buys one now is pretty foolish, particularly with all the other problems they have had (bands are the least of it, they also have connectivity and battery drain issues). I understand your frustration, but I don't get the point of venting it. The only people on the forum are those with problems already (for those that do not have issues with the watch - which is millions - there is no reason to come to the forums). I do not see many potential buyers coming to a support forum, unless they are quite diligent about doing their homework, in which case they should be well aware of the issues TT had anyway. They were a poorly designed and poorly supported product, time to move on to another brand that is active in the industry and intends to stay in business for a long time (which is really just Garmin and to a lesser extent Suunto).
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    You may have already got rid of your watch, but if you haven't I bought a spare strap on Amazon, just a silicon unbranded one, for about £10 and its great. You can pick a nicer colour too.

    I had one of the Tomtom ones snap but they replaced it free of charge because it was under warrenty but I haven't actually used it because the cheaper Amazon strap is much better.

    I've had my watch over a year and a half now and still really like it! And at the time it was by far the cheapest watch (similar ones were almost double the price) which had music, HR and GPS - and it still works just fine.