Why does it take so long to synch?

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My Garmin synch s to my phone in around 2 to 3 seconds and has never failed no matter the update/ firmware / app version.. ...my Tom Tom takes around 30 to 40 minutes to synch ...in the same conditions (Wi-Fi connection / android etc) the progress bar counts down by 1 % every 30 seconds or so...what's going wrong with this?


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    What's wrong? Nothing, it is just the way TomTom programmed it. You are lucky you can connect via BT at all. It should not take 30-40 minutes, maybe 1-2 minutes. Try a factory rest and see if that helps. You can also sync by computer which takes seconds.

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    tfarabaugh wrote:
    Try a factory rest and see if that helps.

    Factory reset it is not solution, but does not help :(

    It it upload scripts problem. You have to wait until the operation was successful.