when will tomtom close down

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No this is serious, ive got a TomTom and new models since the 300 and the TomTom 730 must have been the best sat nav at the time. IN THE WORLD

Then for some reason that was scrapped for this pinch screen version with so much of the things that made tomtom the best removed.

At the time, i was told the great functions like adding, getting warnings and custom sounds for poi would be back.

It never happened, and im sure tomtom lost a lot of customers who struggle with bugs in a new os

Shame on you

And today i get a black friday deal for a watch, not even 50% in the decent sat nav models, else i would have bought a spair backup 6200

The other day got a code for 25% off in my birthday, the code didnt work.

So according to online sales reports tomtom is at the bottom of popular products, which means if they dont pickup we could loose the company completely.

6200 wifi is a gimmic, be much better with the functions of the 730

Hope those poi and other removed things will come back one day, but not too late