tomtom 550 and cardo packtalk

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just cannot get the tomtom and cardo to pair at all.
ridiculous state of affairs, ready to chuck the tomtom out of the window.


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    cpszx wrote:
    just cannot get the tomtom and cardo to pair at all.
    ridiculous state of affairs, ready to chuck the tomtom out of the window.

    Hi, I am using that combo with no issue at all ... just be certain that you set the Packtalk in GPS pairing mode by turning the roll button ...

    Have a nice day.

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    After a long frustrating night of button pushing, i got it working, but it's not 100%.

    The TOMTOM would not pair with the Packtalk on the 2nd channel, whether GPS or phone mode. The Packtalk never appeared in the list.
    It will only appear and pair when pairing on the 1st channel of the Packtalk, where it is now installed as GPS device.

    So i have had to swap my phone (i5) from 1st to 2nd channel on the Packtalk.
    Luckily all features of the phone to Packtalk connection works identically on either channel, e.g. music streaming, etc.

    The phone integration with TOMTOM is not working properly eg Traffic, messages, calling.
    The phone handset icon is not always available on the screen when the MyDrive app is running.
    Sometimes it will connect and work for a few minutes, before loosing connection again. The traffic stays in the "unable to connect" status during that time though.
    The TOMTOM often appears twice in the list of devices on the phone while the TOMTOM cycles through "connecting/connected/unable to connect" trying to add the phone features.

    I am fine without the call/message features, as i can voice dial directly from Packtalk to phone and send/receive message and have them read to me, but the traffic feature is the problem one to fix.

    While i can now use my phone and satnav together and hear directions over the top of intercom or radio, i am loathe to put myself through a load more pain to get the extra features working reliably at the moment.
    I am aware that a2dp music streaming from the phone prevents the a2dp directions from the TOMTOM from being output, but i can live with that.

    In addition, when trying to upgrade/upload maps over wifi when i first switched it on, it kept dropping the wifi connection and not reconnecting.
    The whole wifi and bluetooth support on this device seem very flakey at the moment and i am not impressed with those aspects.

    Hopefully once i start using it for the actual job it is intended for, i will forget about these extra feature problems (other than traffic updates!).

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    Have you tried opening a support ticket with TomTom? I was one of the first users of the TomTom Rider 400, and it worked fine for almost a year, until one day I updated the firmware on the 400 and boom: I experienced something similar to you. Luckily at that time the 410 (World + Great Rides Edition) came out, so I bought that. And then I proceeded to make a video of both devices together.

    I made sure I "forget" pairings on the devices. Video shows pairing attempt on the 400 and it couldn't find device. Then I turned on the 410 in the same continuous video, and it is able to find the device and pair. "Forget" it on 410 and attempted on the 400. Couldn't find it.

    With that video uploaded to YouTube, I opened a support ticket. They promptly sent me a new 400. It is extremely frustrating. Worst of all is that both the 400 and 410 were updated to the same version, and the 400 worked for almost a year! I can only imagine how mad I would be if the sudden inability to pair showed up right after my 1 year warranty expired. And I was cutting it close too.