MyDrive search for address result does not show suburb names

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Using the MyDrive app on android, I search for an address. The type ahead function works but usually suggests addresses 16,000+ kilometers away (eg UK or USA before Australia). I eventually find an Australian address, but it says "23 Smith Street, 3333, Melbourne". Postcode (3333) is not useful, needs the suburb name as there are many suburbs with the same street name. When I continue typing the whole address, including the suburb name, the type ahead gives two results; one has the street number and no suburb name, the other has the suburb name but no street number.

To make it worse, when I select an address and sync it, nothing happens. The TomTom Go620 wifi receives nothing even when both devices say they are connected to each other by bluetooth and sitting on the sofa with me.

When I search directly on the GO620, the search works fine, shows suburb names, and addresses near me first. So my question is (long winded), what use is the MyDrive App?