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Good morning,
I am in possession of the navigator "TOMVIA 135 MEU45 + SC:" I purchased the tour INTERPHONE cellularline, and I tried to pay with my TomTom, but can not find it. I wanted to know if there is incompatibility between the two. I state that with my cell phone must be paired.
Hugo Fazio


  • lampard
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    Hi Hugo,

    Sorry about the delay in response!

    VIA device was meant for car navigation in the first place. For this, connecting to a Motor Bike Headset was not planned in this one. But you can try a factory reset on your VIA device before pairing it again and see if it works by following the below steps since interphone uses A2DP profile.

    After that, make sure the headset must be in 'pairing mode' after paired with your Phone> Search for Phone button on your device> See if it offers the pairing code or searches for the interphone on the device. I won't say that it is 100% sure that it'll work but give it a try.

    Cheers, lampard