Feature request MyDrive App add filetype association for .GPX and .ITN

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On the Rider 550 sharing routes using between Riders isn’t available anymore.

Sharing routes & tracks with MyDrive is possible but you need connectivity to the cloud.

Please add a filetype association for .GPX and .ITN in the MyDrive App and make it possible to transfer this route or track directly to the device.


  • YamFazMan
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    The MyDrive App uses the MyDive Web Route planner as a transfer medium when transferring .GPX Tracks...
    As far as I'm aware you can't transfer .ITN Routes this way

    I mainly use .ITN routes and the Tomtom 'Easy route upload'....
    Connect your TomTom Rider to your PC using a USB cable, then drag and drop your route files directly to and from your device’s memory using a file explorer program... I find it faster and more reliable

    You can of course Transfer files using a MicroSD Card

  • RoadRider
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    I know it is currently not possible to transfer .GPX and .ITN from your phone to the rider. This is why I posted it as a feature request.
    The Rider 550 uses the MyDrive App on the Phone to enable Bluetooth low energy data transfer.
    So it should be ease ta add functionality to transfers files directly from the MyDrive App to the Rider whiteout any connectivity to the cloud.