Connecting to car media

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I have had a Go 530 for many years but am frustrated now that the maps are not updated. The best feature of this sat/nav is the stereo audio socket which connects to the media input socket in my car. I'm a little hard of hearing (83 yrs!) and the volume control on the steering wheel is ideal.

I have been looking at purchasing a Start 25 but cannot find any references about connecting it to the car media - by any method. I do not have a 'smart' phone and do not have a need for one.

is it possible to connect the Start 25 - or any other TomTom model - to the car media, please? It seems such a wasted opportunity not to have this facility.

I will be grateful for advice on this function.

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    Unless the USB connector for your Start25 different from other TT products, the USB connector on the Start is only for power, and uses only the two contacts (+ and -) defined for power. Which means there's no audio coming out of the USB connector, which means nothing will show up on your car radio. In short, what you want to do isn't possible. Sorry... [/ sad look]