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Hi, I have a GO Essential which I bought in NZ which has worldwide maps with lifetime updates and camera etc. Having recently relocated to the UK and were using my device here with speed camera shown on the UK maps. After a month and doing an update they all disappeared from the UK maps! After contacting tomtom to find that as the device was bought in NZ the cameras were only allowed on the NZ maps and lifetime updates.

Not a problem.

My problem is I can’t buy and are willing to pay for speed cameras on my UK maps but we are not allowed to do so! Why have worldwide maps but can’t purchase cameras or other services to enable me to keep on using my TomTom.
I have had tomtoms since they were first brought out and love them but I have sadly put mine in the cupboard and Now use google maps on my phone which to be honest is now better because I have live traffic updates. The best thing is I have downloaded a tomtom safety camera widget to work alongside google maps and works brilliantly.
Lost a customer in me and I tell everyone now not to get a tomtom and just use google maps with the tomtom safety camera widget app.

The answer I got from tomtom when I was trying to purchase the safety cameras for my UK maps was to sell the tomtom in NZ (while I live in the UK for the time being) and purchase a UK tomtom. So what if I return to my homeland of NZ with a UK tomtom and can’t buy NZ safety cameras!?!


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    Hi Kiwi1966,

    Sorry to hear about your experience! I've now sent a heads-up to the customer support about this and someone will get in touch with you shortly.

    Thanks, lampard