Start 25 suddenly won't find any satellites

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About 2 weeks ago my Start 25 stopped seeing any satellites. On GPS Status screen in settings it just scrolls round and round the map circle thingy and no dots whatsoever are shown, greyed out or not. It was the morning after the clocks changed back to GMT that it first wouldn't work but I doubt this is any reason. Clock shows correct time. Device was being used daily on commute for weeks / months prior to this to keep me informed of delays and arrival time so was def working just prior to this.

All available updates applied (several times over the last 2 weeks) including several GPSfix updates.
Press and hold restart done.
Factory reset done.
Standing in an open, high up car park done more than once,
A week and a half of keeping it plugged in while commuting 45 mins each way to work done - so it's had plenty of opportunity.

It's really annoying me now. :(

I found a post suggesting reinstalling the software but the instructions were for devices using TomTom HOME. My device uses MyDrive Connect.

Can anyone help??