My GO 6000 (6100 system info) won't update any more

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I updated my GO 6000 a few years ago.
Using a Windows VISTA PC.
Whatever I do first, starting Mydrive connect or powering GO 6000, My Connect says 'Not Connected', and my GO says something like 'communicating'. I hear modem/GSM-like noises over my speakers.
I am NOT using the car-arm adapter. Cable directly on GO.
Uninstalled Mydrive Connect, and installed recent VISTA version. Still the same.
Am I in a lockup of some kind ?


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    Hi @Bootsmaatje

    The non-connection to the PC is usually linked to an incorrectly installed or unrecognized driver problem.

    1/ For Vista PCs there is a specific version of MDC. The installation of MDC must be done with the TomTom device (your GO6100) NOT connected to the PC.
    - You can find it on this page, at the bottom of the page the green button "Download for XP and Vista":
    - Or download it directly here XP/VISTA version

    2/ After connecting your TomTom device to the PC and MDC you will need to manually install additional driver software to recognize your device, because Vista is no longer supported by Microsoft.
    - Look at this FAQ for the procedure:

    Contact TomTom Support If it doesn't work or you need further help:
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    027 007 272
    du lundi au vendredi de 09h00 à 17h30

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    Hi Laure123,

    Thanks a lot for very helpful info.
    I was in the case of VISTA without installation CD.

    Yesterday, I already (un)+installed the 'Vista' version of MDC.
    So I used the procedure via 'Program Files ... INF'.

    Somewhat different though ... the default went searching on the internet without result, and did NOT allow me to use '....\INF'. So I went via 'Control Panel & Hardware'.

    Even without restarting PC ... shortly after my TomTom began update (visually on TomTom screen and auto-starting MDC). Few minutes later he signaled 'OK'.

    Still need to check some stuff, but I am confident.

    It is a pitty that TomTom only seem to say 'use latest version of MDC'. Instead, it would be better to state that in case of doubt one should (un)+install and use the INF supplied.
    Fortunately, TomTom anticipated on this with the 'INF'.

    Thanks a lot !!!
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    Hi @Bootsmaatje

    Glad for you that you have succeeded. :slight_smile:
    Fortunately you know how to use your PC and how to use an .INF file.

    I don't know Vista, I went directly from Windows XP to W7 and higher on my different PCs.

    Our TomTom devices are recognized by Windows as a "Network Card".
    You have made a manual update of the driver. This is what I do on my various OS (W7/W8.1 or W10) despite the automatic installation of the driver by ==> Control Panel/Device Manager/Driver Update/the button "have disk".
    I prefer the TomTom driver which doesn't disappear according to the misfiring of Windows.

    In the Vista procedure of the FAQ, I think you have to use "Do not search. I will choose the driver to install " and navigate to:
    C:\Program Files\MyDrive Connect\Driver\INF\tomtom.inf
    It looks like what I do with W7/8.1 or W10.

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    Really thanks for the compliment Laure.
    As I stated earlier ... Vista did not allow me to choose ...
    Keep up your excellent support.