"Update the easy way" Why does MyDrive Connect keep going around in circles. I DONT want to use wifi

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So our Tomtom 6200 finally arrived.

I installed the Mydrive Connect App on the computers i prefer using actual programs. As i want to add custom POI's that I downloaded and several other things.

When I keep trying to access it it keeps poping up with.

your device has wifi you can download directly blah blah blah

So I keep clicking "got it" and then it flicks back to "choose your device" so I select my device and it keeps going back to the UPDATE THE EASY WAY window.

How do i get that to go away? I know and I don't care. I want to connect via COMPUTER!

Update: I keep selecting the "Enable connect logs temporarily" and it looks like it is going to load it but then keeps going to UPDATE THE EASY WAY

Full message

Get the latest updates directly on your device. No computer needed!

Your device has built-in Wi-Fi which makes it extremely easy to download the latest software and maps.

How to get updates on your device

OR should it say UPDATE THE ONLY WAY?!?!?!


  • YamFazMan
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    The NAV5 (Wi-Fi) devices like you’re GO 6200 update using Wi-Fi...
    All the update actions are executed on the device...
    [h3]But Also See Option... (2)[/h3]
    [h3]Option... (1) Connected Wifi[/h3]Tap the 4Dot(.... Menu) --> Setting --> Updates & New Items
    Extra Maps are Installed/Maintained... Setting --> Maps

    I always update my devices one Update at a time
    The NavCore Application and QuickFixGPS updates are force ticked by Tomtom... Deselect any other updates like Maps, Speed Cams etc... Update the mandatory item/s, when complete update the remaining items one at a time

    Note... NAV(5 Wifi) devices connected over Wifi do not require MyDrive Connect to be running Even if myDrive is running you have no access the MyDrive Connect menu structures as used by the previous NAV3 & 4 devices

    [h3]Option... (2) Connected USB[/h3]
    If Wi-Fi is not available or is slow/unstable/unreliable.....
    Tomtom recommend a minimum Wi-Fi download speed of 30Mbps
    Updating your new NAV5 (Wi-Fi) device over USB will require "MyDrive Connect"
    Get it here.....
    Run MyDrive Connect.....
    Note... The NAV(5 Wifi) devices have no access the MyDrive Menu structures as used by the previous NAV3 & 4 devices
    MyDrive Connect will only show a "Splash screen" saying "Connect your device using Wifi" etc
    If required You can close the 'Main Mydrive Window' showing the "Connect your device using Wifi" Splash screen... MyDrive Connect only needs to run in the background on the PC TaskBar

    Connect your Device to a USB Port on your PC
    Updating a NAV5 (Wi-Fi) device using USB is the same as using Wi-Fi, all of the update actions are executed on the device...
    Tap the 4Dot(.... Menu) --> Setting --> Updates & New Items
    Extra Maps are Installed/Maintained... Setting --> Maps

    [h3]POIs are installed using the MyDrive Web Route planner...[/h3]Here... https://mydrive.tomtom.com

    [h3]How to import POIs, GPX files and Favourites in MyDrive[/h3]See Tomtom Video...

    [h3]Displaying Personal POIs on the Driving/Planning View Maps[/h3]Be aware... You can't install the POI associated .BMP files
    You can only use the Tomtom supplied generic Icons
    But you can use one icon for for more than one POI category i.e... place all your fuel categories under one Icon, then if you tap on a nearby 'say' Fuel Icon a Quick menu opens --> Tap the 3Dot Icon for more options & more Information

    [h3]Setup... After installing your Personal or 3rd party POIs....[/h3]Tap 4Dot (....Menu) --> Settings --> Appearance --> Show POI lists on the Map
    It says a restart is required, but I've never found it to be necessary
    After choosing the Generic Icon.. Tap the coloured (^) Icon screen top right... Pinch zoom the Map, the Generic POI Icons all appear live and working
    Note... The Generic POI Icons disappear when the Map is highly zoomed out, and reappear as you zoom in again

    See Update 17.1...https://en.discussions.tomtom.com/go-wi-fi-6200-5200-620-520-52-professional-via-53-482/new-software-17-1-available-now-1021781/index1.html#post1161180

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    Hi, @RamsayTravel

    Unfortunately I'm unable to resolve your query, but I certainly do agree/sympathise!!

    I find it a totally pointless restriction that I'm forced to do it via WifI!!

    Firstly, I wouldn't regard my Home Wifi as being reliable (or with adequate Signal Strength) outside the House, on my Drive - hence it has to be bought into the House anyway!

    Secondly, as should be "obvious", the TomTom needs power to update - I'm NOT going to be sitting in my Car (regardless of WiFi Strength), with the Ignition on (or Engine Running), whilst it updates - hence I have to remove it from the Car & plug it in to a Home Power Source (which is just as simple if it is the Computer)!

    So, I HAVE to take it indoors & connect it, so why can't this be using my Computer?

    Yes, as @YamFazMan states, I can do a USB connection, but am NOT permitted to use the Controls/Management of the MyDriveConnect Window! Why NOT??

    Obviously, "Using Wifi" sounds "good" but, in practice, it is a very POOR solution!!

    Perhaps a TomTom Rep could explain why TomTom have chosen to deliberately STOP its Customers from using MyDriveConnect??
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    [h3]Connected Wi-Fi....[/h3]I thought the idea behind the NAV5 (Wi-fi) devices was to completely eliminate the need to use a Computer to update the devices

    All the update actions are executed on the device...
    Note... NAV(5 W-Fi) devices connected over Wi-Fi DO NOT require MyDrive Connect to be running Even if myDrive is running you have no access the MyDrive Connect menu structures as used by the previous NAV3 & 4 devices

    [h3]Connected USB....[/h3]I would think Connection over USB is is intended as a backstop, for when Wi-Fi is not available or is Slow **/Unstable/Unreliable.....
    ** Tomtom recommend a minimum Wi-Fi download speed of 30Mbps

    I always update my NAV5 (Wi-Fi) Devices over USB and have never had a problem updating my NAV5 (Wi-fi) devices using the onboard 'Updating Menu System'

    My Broadband Virgin Media 110Mbps
    My PC is Hard wired to the Modem gives 110Mb/s

    Home Wi-Fi to PC 30 Mb/s... to iPhone 76 Mb/s... I have no Idea of the Wi-Fi connection speed to the NAV5 devices

    I hardly ever bother with Wi-Fi I find its much quicker over USB with MyDrive Connect running in the background

    NAV5 Full Europe Map update size 8GB +
    Takes around 25 Minutes, Updates are on the fly... (No download --> Decompress --> Transfer over USB --> Install on device)

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    Hi Everyone,

    Thanks for the help and sorry for the really late replies.

    Thanks YamFazMan for the directions of adding POI's via that webbassed map worked. It took quite awhile to add all the POI's I had (From the NZMCA so there were many) but it did work.

    John-Jay - They probably want to stop updating or having support for mydrive connect so all new devices will be Wifi Only. Then they do not need to have to spend $$$ on developers for a software programme. This is my conclusion.

    Yes while updating maps for this device is easy via wifi - making changes, personalization and adding mass poi's etc is much eaiser on a computer.

    So thanks I have everything I need for now, just very disappointing that they wont let a flagship device use MyDriveConnect.
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    I too *WILL NOT* use the wifi directly. I'm about to move to Spain and using the computer, I only have to change one link once but more importantly, I can put much more security on a single link than on many. I have just today bought a GO520. It won't even attempt to reach the computer over the USB link. It just tells me it can't reach my wifi (because I've instructed it not to). In other words because someone at TomTom never wants to use their computer in this way, I'm not permitted to, even though TomTom claim you can. Every time you put another direct wifi link in you open another potential attack point. I have concentrated my security on the one access point that TomTom won't let me use.

    Very Very bad strategy!

    How about helping me to do what I just paid for - MY WAY!
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    You CAN make the updates using the USB cable connected to the computer with MyDriveConnect running BUT minimized.

    No WiFi necessary...........
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    Even more annoying How the hell can you upload a map when there is another on the device that together take it over the devices capacity??? Go essential does not allow you to remove the one that's loaded. Why oh why did I buy TOMTOM?? Never again
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    Hi @PeteBr

    You can change between two large maps that are too big to both be on the internal memory. The best answer is to do as I suggested on the other topic and that is to fit an extra memory card. so you are not loading and unloading .

    However if you want to swop between maps and not have the extra memory card then do the following.

    Load the Venezuela map which is only 29mb or a similar small map which will automatically load alongside the European map on the internal memory. Leave that map untouched on the unit as this enables you to start the unit normally and change maps as you wish. Now you will have the option on the unit to Delete the European map from the device and then Add the USA map. or whatever other map you want .

    By default the Tomtom units try to stop you getting in a situation where there is no map on the unit as one is required when you start up. By having this small map on it resolves this issue and so should you have a problem when changing or updating maps then the unit will start and you can reinstall any failed map.