TomTom Carminat Megane III problem

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Hello forum,
I have the following problem with this navigation system: i took out the sd card, updated the maps using the software available and then when i inserted it back (i think it did some kind of firmware update when i put it back) a white horizontal line appeared in the middle of the screen. It's been a while since i have this line on my screen ( though everything works) but it's pissing me off. Before the update my card had only DE-AT-CH maps and that line wasn't there and i overwrote that with central and eastern europe maps.


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    I have Carminal tomtom in my Renault and for the passed few day it been coming up with a picture of an hour glass the a picture of a hand taking out the S D card with a big red cross. I have taken out the S D card and now all l get is the hour glass and a hand putting the S D card back into the machine.
    Any ideas......please