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Stops not showing on TomTom Go Mobile app

ron4adamsron4adams Posts: 8 [Apprentice Traveler]
I have planned several mult-stop routes on MyDrive, one on my laptop, and one on my tablet, and saved both. After opening Tom Tom Go app on the same tablet. both routes showed as available for navigation. However the stops did not show on the map or route bar and no voice prompt announced the arrival at these stops. While traveling the route, I was directed past each of these stops, just no visual or auditory warning that they had been reached.


  • cctravelercctraveler Posts: 3 [Apprentice Seeker]
    Has anyone found a solution to this issue?
  • JvdZJvdZ Posts: 82 [Supreme Navigator]
    edited June 2019
    How exactly are you sending the route from mydrive to TomTom Go?
    It indeed doesn't works when you save the route as Track in using "Add to myroutes" but works fine when you press the "Send Stops" button in the "plan route" option, where you defined these stops.

  • cctravelercctraveler Posts: 3 [Apprentice Seeker]
    I've used both ways. When I use "Send Stops" it works but it changes my start destination to my current location which is not the same location as the start location of the route.
  • JvdZJvdZ Posts: 82 [Supreme Navigator]
    edited June 2019
    That makes sense as you instruct TomTom Go to navigate those points and it will start where you are at that moment, but understand this could be an issue when you want to drive a full route from it's starting point. Does it help when you add and extra point close to the first point?
  • AsprinAsprin Posts: 271 [Supreme Pioneer]
    Would it not be much easier to make favorites of a planned trip.

    2 years ago I made 8 different stops in a trip I took to te south of France.

    Then another 6 going back to Belgium over Switzerland to Germany then to Luxembourg.

    This gave me the option to bypass any stop if I did not feel like stopping there.

    Plus it did not start from the beginning it it pickup from where I last stopped.

    You never know when you might change your mind about a stop or running out of time and need to get to the next location.
  • JvdZJvdZ Posts: 82 [Supreme Navigator]
    When riding a route on the Motorbike, it does make sense to have the whole route loaded and have your stops properly show up in that route, so fully understand where @cctraveler is coming from. I mostly prepare motorbike routes in other tools and import the prepared GPX into TomTom, which I use to drive the track, but the stops in that route are indeed not showing anymore and need to be remembered when driving. So the same as when preparing them in mydrive, and saving them in myroutes.
  • cctravelercctraveler Posts: 3 [Apprentice Seeker]
    YFM, thanks. Workaround is a pain since I have multiple routes but ar least can now make them work.
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