TomTom not connecting

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My Tom Tom Start is not being recognized by my PC when connected via the USB.
I've plugged it into my computer and it tells me it doesn't recognize the USB connected,
When I open Tom Tom Home, it's not linking with the device at all.

It used to work but hasn't for ages.

Any ideas as to what to do next?

Thanks in advance


  • YamFazMan
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    The Start Model runs across three Tomtom Ranges
    The NAV2 Devices use Tomtom Home
    The NAV3/4 Devices use MyDrive connect
    The NAV 5(Wifi) use Wifi or MyDrive connect

    You mention TomtomHome in your Post....
    Some of the early devices have been declared Eol (End of Life)
    [h3]See... Find the model of your navigation device and what software it uses[/h3]
    Check the first 2 characters of your serial number using the link to the FAQ