TomTom GO Services not working on Lanzarote

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Last week I spend my holiday on Lanzarote, Canary Islands (Spain).

I drove from my home country the Netherlands to the airport in Germany Düsseldorf and had full access to all TomTom Services like Traffic and Speed Camera's, even when passing the border after switching to roaming services.

Then after my flight to Lanzarote I changed the map from Central Europe to Iberia (Spain and Portugal) and from that point on the TomTom Services were no longer available.
Checked my data roaming settings, enabled WiFi but on Lanzarote the service was not working.
Then I downloaded TomTom Speed Cameras from the Play Store and from there I had full access to Traffic and Speed Cameras.

I do not seem to understand why in the Go app the TomTom Services was not working.
Are there any other users who have experienced this before and no a solution to this issue?