Lifetime maps & updates???

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I just received an email from TomTom reminding me that they have discontinued support for my XXL device, and offering me a discount on a new device with "Lifetime Maps", Lifetime this & Lifetime that.

So, TomTom......What do you consider "Lifetime"? My current device, an XXL, was supposed to
have "lifetime maps & updates", but now you have abandoned it. Do you think that I should have confidence that you will not do the same with this new device?


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    Well, folks, here is TomTom's definition of "Lifetime":

    "Lifetime is the useful life of the device, which means the period of time that TomTom continues to support your device with software updates, services, content or accessories. A device will have reached the end of its life when none of these are available any more."

    WTF!!! So TomTom can just say (as they have done with multiple devices in the past) "Well, we're no longer supporting your device, so it has reached the end of it's lifetime!" And, although their site does not explicitly say so, they could stop supporting any device soon after introducing and marketing it!

    I am sooo glad I asked this question, and got an honest answer. I think I can get by very well with directions from Google Maps or Waze on my phone, thanks, but no thanks, TomTom!
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    Tomtom has said that models with lifetime maps will continue to get them. Confirm with support but do NOT provide a model when prompted in order for a live agent to respond:

    :flag_us: United States
    Monday - Friday: 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. EST
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    I considering bying a new car-navigator, but the term/definition: “lifetime-update” (maps etc.) makes me concerned. If I buy a navigator that was introduced several years ago (but are still sold as a ordinary product) , I could end up with a “life-time” support of just a very few years ( 1-3 years ??), while a person who bought his navigator just immediately after introduction, could get free updates for “10 years”. . TomTom should at least imply how many years the specific navigator has been in the marked and how many years the product (probably) will be supported.
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    I am a fairly new user with a GO 620 WIFI. I am aware of the loophole of "lifetime" map updates. Since this model was first listed on Amazon on April 5, 2017 does anybody know how long Tomtom will support this particular device?
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    The units that are now considered Obsolete have 1 or 2gb Maybe the odd 4gb units with no ability to add any extra memory. They are also getting on for 10 years old and more. This small internal memory had to hold the software and map etc.

    Your Go 620 WiFi has 16gb of internal memory and the ability for you to add up to 32gb of extra memory. The full European map with buildings is currently 8.9gb and fits comfortably on the internal memory. If the maps continue to to grow then when the time comes and an update of the map will not fit on the internal memory if you have fitted the extra memory micro SD card it will write the map on the extra memory.

    So unless something unusual happens the unit should be okay for many a year.

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    I'm afraid that it is other issues more important than memory space when we talk about "Lifetime" support. TomTom can at "any time" just "define" a product as "non-supported" based on business strategy or product strategy or system strategy or development strategy and so on . . . . . The question is : How far are they willing to go before they get angry customers and loose the customer's trust.

    I'm NOT i any case saying that I suspect TomTom for being "aggressive" in any of the mentioned "strategies", but I can definitely see a possibility for different experiences in what the "Lifetime" support really means. If you buy "the last modell" immediately after introduction, you will probably get at least 10 years of free updates of any kind, but if you buy the same product seven years after introduction , I'm not sure you will get 10 years of free updates. Am I wrong ?
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    No, not wrong, you are correct.
    And just around the corner is the new WAAS enabled GPS world, which might totally obsolete anything we buy now.
    But only one car GPS maker that I can find even recognises WAAS, and it is not TomTom.
    My advice is to ask them, and then ask them again, and then ask them what you just asked them ... until we, the customers, get an answer.
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    Wide Area Augmentation System

    How accurate do you need to be, on all of my Tomtom devices, I can see which side of the road I'm on... The distance to given to junctions seems yard perfect
    More than accurate enough, to drive a Car from A to B

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    WAAS has been around for quite a while now but it's most useful for (and I'll even say targeted for) aircraft primarily because it enables far more accurate altitude readings. Traditional GPS systems aren't the best for determining altitude to the precision needed for aircraft. For land based use such as casual driving the increased precision would be pretty meaningless since it would exceed the precision of the address database. In other words, is "125 Main St" the actual front door? The driveway? What about the left hand door vs the right hand door? It's all pretty silly for "take me to this address" type of routing.