Difference in split times TomTom Spark 3 and Sports software

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When running with "split times" turned on, you can see your tempo (or time) on every km when you pass.
When you later transfer det run into your phone or your computer, the split times shown in Mysports is never the same as shown on the watch when you run. They are almost allways faster.
I can see that it is the times in mysports that are wrong, because summing up the split times is not equal to the total time.
What causes this problem, and is it a way to fix it?

When data is tranferred further to Endomondo, the difference is even bigger.


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    They are using a slightly different data series. The pace is showing a specially smoothed pace - while running you are seeing raw data, afterwards you are seeing processed, smoothed data, removing bad data and computing new distances paces,. etc. As to Endomondo, every site or platform has a different way of handling the data it imports. Some take the data as is while others reprocess it and apply their own calculations and smoothing algorithms to it. This second instance will result in discrepancies between the watch and the site, causing issues like you are seeing.

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