Carminat Live services not working

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I've not had time to scan all the posts here, so apologies if anyone else has already mentioned this.
My Renault Carminat-TomTom has stopped working. I've paid for 3 years of service up front but get no live service data at all. I've had nothing since March.
I'm all logged on and everything says it's up to date on the screen in the car but no live data comes through to me. All I get is a little yellow triangle with an exclamation mark.
Renault have passed this on to TomTom and I've been waiting for it to be fixed since the beginning of the year.
I've done resets and updates and sent them more information than I care to think about.
I've not heard anything from them in the last two months and am wondering if TomTom is actually doing anything about this or if anyone else has a similar problem.


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    I am having the same problem. Went to Swansea last week and it did not work at all. Spoke to a guy from Renault who said to reset the system, but still no luck.

    Any ideas anyone??