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Rider 2013 resets after disconnection from tomtom home2

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I bought a fairly new Rider 2013 (the widescreen version for the urban rider). Reason is just because I like the gui way better that my current Rider 410 (which is not a bad device tho).

I got this issue: When I disconnect it from tomtom home2 it asks me to set up the device like I just unboxed it or factory reset it. Language, map colors, items to the quick menu - all have been set to default. When I turn off/on the Rider 2013 (v3?) then it's oke.

Is this a bug or a feature - It's very annoying to tell the Rider 2013 I want the it be netherlands and set the quick menu items.

I really hope someone has an answer for that

Also - the rider2013 comes with lifetime maps - how can I check if that is active? Home2 does not give me any clues about that.

The answer is probably somewhere in de 50000 topics.


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