USB3.0 workaround on start 25

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My laptop like most nowadays is fitted with USB 3.0 ports. When I try to update I get a message saying I need to use USB 2.0. Is there a way round this or is my lifetime maps offer useles?


  • CatNip
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    I have always updated my Start 25 successfully using a USB 3 port, so know it can work OK.

    There is some question of 'Legacy Support' on USB3 ports, this would have to be looked at on the computer settings/Bios. Where do you get the message from, your PC?
  • YamFazMan
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    See if there are any updated drivers for your USB3 Ports
    Also don't use an USB Hub, connect direct to the computer

    USB3 is supposed to be backward compatible to USB2, but some makes of USB3 ports are more backward compatible than others